Moon will unite the Idaho Republican Party, modernize its infrastructure, and establish a national fundraising base, in service of the working men, women, and families who must always have a place in the Idaho Republican Party.

Boise, ID – Proven conservative leader and Idaho State Legislator Dorothy Moon is announcing today that she will run to be the next chair of the Idaho Republican Party.

“President Trump brought a lot of new voters to the Republican party in 2016 and 2020, but these are not ‘party-line voters.’ These are voters who will stay only so long as we remain true to our principles — and we must. I am committed to the conservative values that have made Idaho, and our Republic, great: protecting life; safeguarding our children; expanding our Second Amendment liberties; sensibly managing our natural resources; and defending religious liberty.”

“I will also work to keep the radical Left’s dangerous ideas and bad policies from taking root in Idaho — especially those that contradict the principles of the Republican party, like Common Core education and non-citizen voting.”

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“Despite what you’ve been told, the Idaho Republican Party’s fundraising has stagnated. The large fundraising numbers posted in the last two years come almost entirely from the generosity of the Trump Victory Fund, money that did not come from the efforts of our party but from a nationwide presidential campaign and money that cannot create a sustainable bankroll for a party facing a dog fight with a Democrat party that is strengthening its hold in the American West. I will build a first-rate fundraising apparatus for our party that draws upon resources from around the country.”

“There is no doubt that the Democrat party has planted its flag in our State. But that isn’t because of the good work the Idaho Republican Party is doing; it is because Democrats see Idaho as vulnerable to a far-left takeover, as Democrats have already done in Nevada, Colorado, and Arizona. The lesson from Republican defeats in those states is that complacency and tired, ‘good ‘ole boy ideas’ are no match for Democrats’ out-of-state funding and ‘community organizing.’ We will beat the Democrats when we harness the talent and enthusiasm of our party’s hard-working men and women, rather than threatening them with ruinous litigation and strong-arm tactics.”

“The Idaho Republican Party leadership is currently working from a tired and outdated playbook for fundraising, organization, and outreach. Their message has failed to resonate with young families and hardworking Idahoans looking for relief from grocery taxes and high prices at the pump. The Democrats and their third-party organizations are funded by billionaires like Tom Steyer, Michael Bloomberg, and George Soros. And our party leadership has done nothing in the face of rampant—and well-organized—Democrat cross-over voting in our Republican primaries. This complacency in the face of crisis will not beat the deep pockets and dirty tricks of the radical left.”

Moon lives up the Yankee Fork of the Salmon River, east of Stanley. She and her husband, Darr, who is a professional engineer, land-surveyor and geologist, are the proud parents of two hard-working, adult sons.

“I grew up in a Christian home with six siblings. My father worked two jobs to provide for our family. I developed a strong work ethic knowing I needed a good education. I earned a Bachelor of Science in Secondary Education in Comprehensive Science and a Master of Science in Resource Planning, both from Missouri State University. I met my husband Darr with deep Idaho roots and moved to Idaho in 1994.”

After retiring as the Director of Special Education at Challis High School (2012), Moon was first elected District 8 Representative in 2016. In 2018, she was named “Outstanding Republican Legislator” by the Idaho GOP. Moon has a lifetime 97% conservative legislative voting record with the American Conservative Union. She is a lifetime member of the NRA with a 100% voting record and is a recognized member of Gun Owners of America.

Moon looks forward to working with conservative grassroots leaders and the working men and women of Idaho to build a stronger Idaho Republican Party.

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