How Zuckerberg is working to take over our country

Rigged: The Zuckerberg Funded Plot to Defeat Donald Trump

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Every Idahoan (and every American) needs to watch this video and understand how Zuckerberg is working to take over our country. The film is just $4.99 to purchase and you can watch it from the comfort of your couch.

Idaho fell victim to this scheme as well. Zuckerberg spent hundreds of millions of dollars during the 2020 election giving grants to County Clerks for PPE, education, and other unassuming items in every State of the Union. Over $500,000 came to Idaho, most to Ada County. Twenty Counties in total took the “free” money at that time of “need” during the COVID crisis.

Also in 2020, HB 521, a bill that opened the door for capital investment in Idaho for Data Centers, passed the House and Senate. This carveout was for companies that could “invest” at least $250 million for capital investment. Not too many $250 million dollar investors out there with plans for Data Centers except for Facebook, now Meta. Mark Zuckerberg strikes again with a sweet deal in Idaho. From the text of HB-521: “On and after July 1, 2020, there is exempted from the taxes imposed by this chapter the purchase or use of eligible server equipment and new data center facilities”.

Sweet deal if you’re one of the richest men on earth. And, who picks up the tab for increased costs for supporting infrastructure for the tax base created by the incentives in the HB-521 “let’s make a deal” Bill?… Idaho taxpayers of course. This is with the stipulation that only 30 new employee positions are created… Do you know anybody in small business to get such a sweetheart deal?

Please watch the trailer above and consider purchasing and watching the whole film. You NEED to understand the threat facing our republic and Idaho’s elections in particular.

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