Russ Fulcher, former Idaho State Senator

Dorothy Moon believes in the values established by the Founders of this nation. Her talent, life experience, and leadership skills are extensive. Dorothy will serve the citizens of Idaho well.


Elizabeth Allan Hodge, former Idaho State Representative

For years I have watched and listened to Dorothy Moon as she has spoken on the principles of liberty. I have found her to be both passionate and articulate in advancing these principles. Idaho needs representation that is unwavering when it comes to defending and preserving our inalienable rights. I believe Dorothy Moon understands the significance of fulfilling the oath of office to uphold our Constitution.


The Idaho Farm Bureau Federation

(Agri-PAC aids in the election of state Legislative candidates who are philosophically aligned with Farm Bureau policies.)

Dorothy Moon has demonstrated a concern for Idaho agriculture, limited government and individual liberty.


Gun Owners of America

Gun Owners of America appreciates your tireless efforts to promote the Second Amendment. We are delighted that you have decided to run for the Idaho House of Representatives and we are pleased to endorse your candidacy.


Alex Kincaid, Constitutional Attorney and Author of “Infringed”

Dorothy Moon will be a strong advocate for Idaho gun owners and a staunch defender of their Second Amendment rights. Please support her campaign for Legislative District 8B representative.


Lemhi County Tea Party

We are pleased to endorse Dorothy Moon’s candidacy for the Idaho House of Representatives. We find her personal ethics, her “get ‘er done” commitment to the GOP party platform and to citizens’ right to self-governance, her willingness to work for District 8 residents, and her adherence to the Lemhi County Tea Party’s local and national values appropriate and refreshing.


Boise County Republican Central Committee

Boise County Republican Central Committee is pleased to announce the endorsement of Dorothy Moon, candidate for State Representative for House Seat 8B.
Dorothy is a dedicated individual who will represent and serve us well whether that be 2nd Amendment rights, protecting the rights of the yet to be born, fighting government control and overreach, rightfully gaining control over Idaho lands or seeking free market solutions in healthcare. Dorothy is a multifaceted individual educated in all areas as a teacher, land owner, and business owner.


Custer County Republican Central Committee


JoAn Wood, former Idaho State Representative


Republican Liberty Caucus of Idaho PAC