The Idaho “Secure Election Act”

The Idaho “Secure Election Act” is given a Bill number approval hearing out of the House State Affairs Committee with a unanimous yes!

“Election integrity is at the forefront of every American’s mind. Unfortunately, many policymakers just want to talk about it. The Secure Election Act tackles the hard problems embedded in Idaho’s election law. Illegal votes nullify legal votes.” ā€“ Representative Dorothy Moon

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“Our democratic republic depends on the right of all eligible citizens to vote in free and fair elections. Idaho’s election system ranks 37 out of 50 states for its integrity. The Secure Election Act will fix that, ensuring that Idaho protects the right of every eligible citizen’s vote and for that vote to be counted.” ā€“ Senator Regina Bayer

The Secure Election Act will bring fairness and trust to our election system and protect our citizens’ sacred right to vote, the integrity of our government, and the Idaho Way of Life.

VOTER FRAUD HARMS IDAHO VOTERS: The U.S. Supreme Court has noted that “flagrant examples” of voter fraud “have been documented throughout this Nation’s history by respected historians and journalists.”

  • Criminals can steal votes and change the outcome of an election by impersonating voters who have died or moved away; by falsely registering under a name or address they are not entitled to use; by duplicate voting; by committing absentee ballot fraud in completing or requesting an absentee ballot for another; by buying votes; or by voting when ineligible to do so.
  • Leading policy think tanks rank Idaho 37 out of 50 states in basic election integrity protections.
  • Idaho’s current election registration and identification law mirrors that of some of the most radically liberal states, like New York, California, Hawaii, and Vermont.
  • Despite the tremendous risk of voter fraud, the radical left is waging a legislative assault on efforts to verify eligible voters through identification and fairly administered registration rules.

THE SECURE ELECTION ACT PROTECTS IDAHOANS WHEN THEY VOTE: The Secure Election Act makes it easy for legitimate voters to vote and hard for criminals to commit voter fraud.

  • All of our rights as Americans depend on the fundamental right to vote in free and fair elections. The Secure Election Act ensures all valid votes will be counted, but that invalid votes will not be.
  • The Secure Election Act clarifies the acceptable forms of identification and proof of residency, which include only documents that can reliably identify voters during the registration process.
  • When a voter fails to bring address verification to the polls when required, Idaho law currently allows the individual to vote based on a simple sworn statement. The Secure Election Act eliminates this practice and requires verifying a voter’s address and identification.
  • The Secure Election Act provides a straightforward and fair process for ensuring a voter without address verification or clerical errors in identification may cast a provisional ballot and provide verification to a county clerk’s office within ten days.
  • The Secure Election Act’s election integrity measures bring Idaho in line with conservative states like Florida, Texas, and Montana.

A PROMISE TO THE PEOPLE OF IDAHO: The Secure Election Act guarantees the right of all eligible Idahoans to vote in free and fair elections and ensures that no one’s vote is stolen or diluted.

  • Same-day voter registration is a policy crafted by liberal interest groups that has led to increased fraud and ballot manipulation.
  • For example, in Washington State a radical left organization used same-day voting registration to enable 62,000 false voter registrants to cast election-day ballots across multiple precinct places. The lead organizer of the scheme pled guilty to felony vote fraud.
  • Idaho law currently allows same-day registration, which makes it nearly impossible to safeguard against people registering to vote who are not entitled to vote.
  • The Secure Election Act eliminates same-day registration. Voters who fail to bring identification to the polls are still protected: they may vote a provisional ballot, which will be counted once they provide their identification to the Board of Elections within ten days of casting their provisional ballot.

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