I support permitless carry

I am very pleased the Senate State Affairs Committee passed the Permitless Carry Bill SB 1389 on a 6 to 3 vote. We are not finished yet. Everyone needs to contact their legislators. Legislative District 8 Senator Thayn will likely be voting on the bill this week. You may email him at sthayn@senate.idaho.gov. If it passes the Senate then it is on to the House. Email Rep. Terry Gestrin at tgestrin@house.idaho.gov and Rep. Merrill Beyeler at mbeyeler@house.idaho.gov and let them know you support SB 1389. I want to especially thank Greg Pruett; Idaho 2nd Amendment Alliance for leading the charge to have the issue heard this session and the thousand plus 2nd Amendment loving Idahoans who attended the rally in Boise on February 20th. Your voices are being heard, let’s see this legislation through!

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