Idaho legislature wants to regulate Grandma’s kitchen

Incredible edible egg? Not quite. The House Health and Welfare Committee is at it again. No matter how small or seemingly inconsequential Grandma’s kitchen may seem, government is there to regulate it. The House Health and Welfare Committee just unanimously approved new regulations for home-based food producers. Last year’s attempt to pass an even more onerous bill turned the heat up in many District 8 kitchens. This is just one more reason I believe Leg. District 8B needs the voice I will bring to Boise.

My opponent sits on the House Health and Welfare Committee and has voted for more government at the expense of your freedom. I won’t do that. Who doesn’t want safe food? This isn’t about food, it’s about keeping government to the very narrow and scope as intended. We can ensure safety through a free market system, and we will. From farm to table, so many in the industry live a labor of love to create the enjoyable meals, snacks and treats we consume daily. Their future depends on how critical they are about food safety. Idaho can depend on her small business owners.

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